Tina Henningson

Retirement Coach


As Steve’s wife, Tina has been involved in the “behind the scenes” workings of Concierge Wealth Management since it’s inception. She enjoys working alongside her husband in developing client relationships and helping wherever needed. Her present focus is on the marketing aspects of the business, particularly in the area of Retirement Planning and Coaching.

Tina was a “Stay at Home Mom” for 20 years (although she rarely stayed home!) while raising their two children. During this time, she referred to herself as a “career volunteer” volunteering at the kid’s schools and in various church and community projects. In 2007 Tina pursued her passion in the Life Planning and Coaching field and became certified in both areas allowing her to work with those in various forms of life transition. She is a member of the WayPoint Transformational Coaching Community. For the last 7 years, Tina has used her Life Planning and Coaching skills in the Recovery field helping both addicts and their families. Presently, Tina is parlaying her skills in creating and implementing curriculum for those entering the pre-retirement and retirement phase of life. “Artful Aging”has become her newest passion. She is excited to be able to “marry” her business with Steve’s as they work with clients to achieve their dreams and goals in retirement.

Tina is a confirmed Introvert – but far from shy! She loves laughter and enjoys cooking, writing, reading, walking, yoga and anything that involves the beach. Holistic health and lifestyle are foundational to her being. Tina has been married to Steve for 37 years and has a married daughter, two darling granddaughters, and a son who is taking a one-year sabbatical to travel the world.


Getting to Know Tina

Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate

Best piece of Financial Advice: Live Debt-Free

Favorite Quote: “Don’t rush through the experiences and circumstances that have the most capacity to transform you.” Rob Bell

Favorite Book: I’m a book nerd so my “favorite” changes all the time. Presently, my favorites are, “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown & “Big Magic… Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Liz Gilbert

Favorite Movie: “The Proposal”

Favorite TV show: NCIS

What Motivates Me: Inviting others into Hope and Possibility

Biggest accomplishment: My marriage and Family