Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

A Unique Strategy with Truly Innovative Solutions

As an independent firm, Concierge Wealth Management Group does not have proprietary products. Working with our research team our firm offers personalized solutions, as opposed to standard “model” portfolios.

Our portfolio managers:

  • Are proactive.
  • Focus on downside loss prevention.
  • Have substantial market experience.
  • Have strong and consistent institutional track records.
  • Have proven strategies to react systematically to ongoing changes in the market.
  • Provide portfolios to help our clients focus on their family’s specific needs.

Our team follows a disciplined process when it comes to managing your investments. Our process is driven by delivering trust, transparency and accountability so you can pursue your long-terms goals and objectives. Our ongoing process will help us get to know you at a deeper level. We frequently review your financial objectives and make strategy allocation recommendations designed to be flexible with you and the markets, to help you reach your goals.

We strive to help our clients plan a retirement based on their definition of success. We seek to help them preserve their wealth, by having a portfolio risk management strategy for unpredictable stock and bond markets.